SJM™ Distributors also specialise in Circular Saw Blades, we have a wide range of circular saw blades as well as sizes.

HSS-Dmo5 (1.3343)

 Circular Saw Blades in high speed steel (5% molybdenum content) produced using the latest technology machinery available are suitable for cutting-off steels and alloys with hardness between 500 N/ mm² and 800 N/mm². These Circular Saw Blades are used on manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic sawing machines to cut tubes and pipes, open and welded structural steel shapes.

Standard blades in stock are heat treated through a stringent process to +- 65HRC and TiN coated (a surface coating treatment using vacuum deposited Titanium nitrates), allowing for a hardness and friction reduction which gives better performance, accurate cutting, resistance to wear and longer blade life. Also available in TiAlN coating on request.

HSS-E CO 5 % (1.3243)

Circular Saw Blades in high speed steel with 5% cobalt content, suitable for cutting off steels and alloys with hardness > 800 N/mm².  The Circular Saw Blades are used on semi-automatic, fully-automatic and flying cut off sawing machines to cut tubes and pipes, open and welded structural steel shapes.  The addition of the 5% Cobalt offers additional strength in the saw blade for the more challenging materials.  These blades are available on demand and are Steam coated.

SJM® Distributors Stocks the following sizes in HSS Blading

200 mm diameter to 500 mm diameter 

Larger sizes available on request.

SJM™ Distributors uses the latest SCHMIDT TEMPO and BUSINARO CNC machinery, offering consistent state of the art re-grinding.  This reduces production downtime and cost per cut as the sharpened blade offers more cuts between sharpening and in turn a longer lifespan.


Cermet tipped Circular Saw Blades are specially developed for high cutting speed application, for example on mass production circular saws where the highest demands on economic efficiency and cutting performance in continuous operation are needed.  Sold in Ø285mm, Ø360mm, Ø425mm, Ø460mm for use on EVERISING P65B, P70B, P100B & P150B as well as KASTO®speed C9, M9, C14 & M14 machines, amongst others.
The tension, tight tolerances in the side run out, a special tooth geometry as well as the adapted carbide grades ensures SJM® Cermet Blades offer extended life and the utmost of accuracy of cut.


The Carbide tipped Circular Saw Blades was developed to cut off steel tubes and solid material on fully automatic saw machines and welding lines with a flying saw head as the step up in technology to HSS Blading.  High cutting performances on hard steels up to 1500 N/mm² are possible.  Due to the characteristics like the adapted tooth shape and coating, Carbide blading offers the perfect economical solution for your sawing process offering less burrs, an excellent cutting surface, reduced cutting noise and extended blade life.  Blades in Stock are Ø350mm x 50mm x Z120 & Ø450mm x 50mm x Z150.  Additional sizes are available on demand.


SJM™ Distributors Segmental Saws, consisting of a solid construction of high speed steel segments riveted onto a durable alloyed steel body, are designed to cut structural steels, heat treated steels, cast iron, spring steels, stainless steels, high-alloy tool steels in billet, tube, profile, bars or round form.  The segments undergo a controlled full heat treatment process to ensure a perfectly even hardness which gives our blades an exceptional long life when used under normal conditions and if maintained and sharpened regularly.


These blades are made from high quality chrome vanadium steel conforming to DIN 1.2235, are extremely tough and hard wearing.  Designed for fast production cutting of materials, hardness between 300 – 600 N/mm2, like channel, tube and angle iron where neatness of cut is not important. Sizes range from Ø420mm – Ø1000mm.