A low-priced flexible back blade produced from high quality carbon steel band saw blades, and is designed to carry out profile sawing and general purpose cutting on most everyday ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The cutting edge is hardened to give sharp and lasting teeth. Supported by a sturdy, yet flexible back which allows the blade to withstand stress and strain in the most arduous conditions. Supplied in 30 meter lengths or in loops welded to customers’ requirements. Stock available in widths from 6mm to 25mm with TPI ranging from 24 to 10 depending on width.

SJM™ Distributors, aligned themselves with the global renowned company Dakin Flathers, bringing you the finest blades. Follow the YouTube channel for the latest products and offerings.


For sawing of soft and hardwoods used in the manufacture of furniture and cabinets as well as all other production wood cutting. Available in a wide range of widths and tooth pitches. Hardened tooth edges and flexible back give increased fatigue resistance. Modified tooth set provides extra clearance for fast cutting and smooth finish, plus teeth stay sharper for longer. The blading range in widths from 6mm to 25mm with a 3, 4 or 6 TPI Hook formation for better material removal and easier cutting.


Designed especially for the meat, fish and poultry processing industries.  All meat and fish band saw blades have rounded back edges to increase fatigue resistance, and are produced in three tooth sizes, namely 4,5 and 6 tpi, to suit various applications.


Dakin-Flathers are driven by a single, simple goal:

To provide you with the best bandsaw blades available anywhere in the world, that will help you increase sales and win more market share.

Ripper37 is our latest step towards achieving that goal and offers a wide range of industry-beating benefits which include a longer working life, unparalleled reliability and superior performance – cutting faster, straighter and with less wastage.

Ripper37 gets its name from the fact that tests show it to be 37% more durable than its nearest rival; and this increase in toughness and durability means you can run Ripper37 faster, longer and harder without compromising performance.

Fitting Ripper37 blades to your bandsaws means that your machines can finally reach their true performance potential. Even better – you can make big savings!

That’s because you will be using a primary timber processing bandsaw blade that is designed and manufactured to offer longer life, improved performance, lower maintenance and a higher return on investment.