What Saw Blade to Use for Different Cutting Applications

There are various sorts of saw cutting blades for a wide range of cutting applications. Picking the correct saw cutting blade for your particular application can seem to be overwhelming. Here is a guide for choosing what saw blade to use for different applications and materials.

When choosing what saw blade to use, you have to first know what kind of material you are cutting, and what sort of cut you will make. Diverse sorts of saw blades are better to make distinctive sorts of cuts basically as a result of the configuration of the saw blade teeth (or the grind). There are four basic saw blade grinds or saw blade teeth setups. These saw blade grinds are: FTG (flat top grind), ATB (Alternate Top Bevel), ATBR (Combination), and TCG (triple-chip grind).

With FTG saw blade the teeth are aligned so that the tops are flat and square with the blade. FTG saw blades are ordinarily utilized for ripping since they can cut quick and at higher feed rates, but do not make smooth cuts. They basically simply chip away the wood leaving a rough finish. Generally saw blades that have this grind are considered rip blades and are great for making initial cuts. We make rip blades at an extremely affordable cost.

For smoother cutting application you might need to run with an ATB grind saw blade. With an ATB grind saw blade the teeth are not flat on top, but rather have an angled bevel. Each other tooth is angled in the opposite way. This allows the teeth have to a slicing effect when it cuts through the wood and yields much cleaner cuts.

Likewise remember that the more teeth there are the cleaner the cut will be. With ATB grind the teeth likewise dull faster and cut slower, so if smooth cuts are not necessary and you are simply just ripping then a FTG grind rip blade would probably be more beneficial. Saw blades with an ATB grind are normally utilized for crosscutting to cut down on the amount of tear out caused by cutting against the grain. Our professional contractor blade is a great example of an ATB grind blade and makes unbelievably smooth cuts. 

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