High-performance Carbon Steel Band-saw Blades for Cutting Metal

As we may all know the common use of the band saw is is cutting irregular shapes, and also re-sawing or ripping lumber into thinner slabs.

A band saw can likewise make the smoothest cuts and, with the proper blade, can be used to cut materials other than wood, including metal. For the purposes of this blog, we would like to look at the band-saw blades for basic workshop metal cutting operations.

Band-saw blades are reliable due to the hardened tooth tips and a particularly flexible band body. Carbon steel band-saw blades are suitable for cutting steel from simple work-shop operations to the sawing of compound materials on metal cutting band-saw machines. They achieve straighter cuts in wood and metal cutting when using hard edge hardback carbon steel blades.

Carbon steel Standard band saw blades are designed for DIY, smaller workshops and less demanding applications. It is suitable for cutting steel and non-ferrous metals both single and bundle cutting.

Carbon Steel Band-saw Blade Features

  • Great general purpose metal cutting blade
  • Reducing sawing harmonics – quieter, less vibration
  • Manufactured from a single piece of high carbon steel with individually hardened tooth tips
  • Low cost-per-blade/ low cost-per-cut in wood and similar materials

At SJM™ Distributors we have a wide range of widths and tooth pitches. The hardened tooth edges and flexible back provide enhanced fatigue resistance. We also have modified tooth set that gives extra clearance for fast cutting and smooth finish, plus teeth stay sharper for longer. The blading range in widths from 6mm to 25mm with a wide range of TPI selection.

SJM™ Distributors is the sole agents for the Dakin-Flathers UK range in South Africa. 

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